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In 1971 this couple from one of the villages near the dam decided to accept a new house in the new town called "Vajont" constructed from scratch in the flat plains more than 40km away from their old home up in the mountains. Their house was undamaged like many others, but the police didn't give the permission to move back. "We had no choice, but here we have no roots." On October 9th 1963 a giant landslide collapses into the artificial lake created by the Vajont Dam in northern Italy, provoking a 250 meters high wave that completely destroys the settlements near the lake and the town of Longarone far down in the valley below the dam. 1910 people lost their lives in a tragedy that easily could have been avoided if it was not for the economical and political interests of powerful men dreaming of the tallest dam in the world. A tragedy that is still alive today in Erto, Casso and Longarone, where the survivers of that disastrous day almost 50 years ago are still fighting for their justice.